Contaminant Removal

Contaminants that may represent public health risks are increasingly regulated forcing additional treatment of many municipal water supplies prior to distribution. Ion exchange resins are particularly well suited for pump and treat applications especially for the removal of trace contaminants without altering the overall water chemistry of the water supply.

Replacement Cartridges

Arsenic Removal* Arsenic reduction is achieved by utilizing the advanced media technology of ResinTech® ASM-10-HP resin. This Arsenic selective media has unsurpassed capacity and is effective over the entire pH range of potable water.
Perchlorate Selective* Perchlorate removal cartridges use ResinTech® SIR-110-HP, a strong base anion resin. It exhibits an unusually high preference for perchlorate and a low affinity for multivalent ions. 
Nitrate Removal* Provides effective nitrate removal by the utilization of ResinTech® SIR-100-HP resin.
Fluoride Removal* Fluoride is reduced with a granular aluminum oxide base aborbent, ResinTech® SIR-900 media
Tannins/Organics Uses ResinTech®SBACR anion exchange resin to remove tannins and other organics.
Heavy Metals* Uses ResinTech® MBD-80 for heavy metals, chlorine and organics removal. Also provides taste and odor reduction.

* Filter cartridge Certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 42 and NSF/ANSI Standard 61 for material requirement(s) only. Filter Cartridge Certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 372 for low lead compliance. ResinTech® Ion exchange Resin and Granular Activated Carbon are ANSI/NSF 61 Gold Seal Certified for Material Safety
† Some components are not WQA GOLD Seal certified

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