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Aries FilterWorks is a subsidiary of ResinTech, Inc., global leader in ion exchange technology. The media we package into our cartridges is manufactured (literally) in the next building by Resintech. Our more affordable pricing is the result of strong purchasing power, lower production costs, and fewer links in the supply chain — all of which is passed on to our customers.  As a U.S. based manufacturer, both Aries and ResinTech products are manufactured to the highest quality standards utilizing an ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management System. Best of all, we have the ability to rapidly manufacture cartridges containing even the most specific ResinTech media, whether we stock cartridges with that media or not. If you need something specific and can’t find it on our site.

Aries FilterWorks is your single source for water filtration OEM design and turnkey systems. Aries FilterWorks products are designed and manufactured using the latest technologies and premium media from ResinTech,Inc. A variety of welding, filling and molding machinery ensure complete control over the manufacturing process. With manufacturing and stocking locations in West Berlin, NJ and Los Angeles, CA, products can be shipped to multiple destinations around the world reducing shipping costs and improving delivery.

As part of the ResinTech Family of Companies, Aries has access to media technologies and over 30 years experience in developing, testing and manufacturing filtration media.

A complete line of filters and systems are available to fit any application. Custom designed, filled, and private labeled products are readily available. Each filter comes complete with world-class technical support and is proudly made in the USA.

Special contaminants, non-water applications, extreme operating conditions and custom OEM products are just a few examples of problems we solve.

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