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Carbon Cartridge

AF-10-1040-BB, AF-1041-BB, AF-20-1041-BB AF-10-1043-BB, AF-20-1043-BB, AF-10-1051, AF-20-1051, AF-10-1054, AF-10-1054-2, AF-20-1054, AF-xx-1050 IX-02-1050, VP-xx-1050

CS Carbon Cartridge

AF-1046-BB, AF-20-1046-BB, AF-10-1052, AF-20-1052, RC-10-1052-BB, RC-20-1052-BB

Catalytic Carbon Cartridge

AF-10-1042-BB, AF-20-1042-BB, AF-10-1053, AF-20-1053

VP Series Organics Removal-Dual Bed Cartridge


Arsenic Removal Cartridge

AF-10-3695, AF-20-3695, AF-10-3695-BB, AF-20-3695-BB

Calcor Cartridge

AF-10-3232, AF-20-3232, AF-10-3232-BB, AF-20-3232-BB

Softening Cartridge

VP-xx-3000, AF-xx-3003, AF-xx-3003-BB

VP Amine Removal Cartridge

VP-17-3001, VP-17-3001-AR

Cation Cartridge

IX-02-3002, VP-17-3002

KDF 55-85-Carbon

AF-xx-2010, AF-xx-2011, AF-xx-2012, AF-xx-2012-BB, AF-xx-2015-BB, AF-xx-2210, AF-xx-2211, AF-xx-2212, AF-xx-2212-BB, AF-xx-2215-BB

DI High Purity Cartridge

AF-xx-4010, AF-xx-4010-BB, ML-xx-4010, VP-xx-4010, VP-xx-4010-HN, AF-xx-4011, AF-xx-4011-BB, IX-xx-4011, ML-xx-4011, VP-xx-4011, VP-xx-4012, PX-xx-5001, PX-xx-5103, PX-xx-5104

DI Cartridge 4040

AF-xx-4040, AF-xx-4040, IX-xx-4040, VP-xx-4040, VP-xx-4040-HN

DI Low Odor Cartridge

AF-10-4020, AF-20-4020, AF-10-4020-BB, AF-20-4020-BB

DI Cartridge 4030

AF-10-4030, AF-20-4030, IX-02-4030, VP-17-4030, VP-17-4030-HN, IF-03-4030

Scale Reduction - Taste - Odor Cartridge

AF-10-4080, AF-20-4080, AF-10-4080-BB, AF-20-4080-BB

VP-17-4090 Cartridge

VP-17-4090, IX-02-4090

High Purity Organics Removal Cartridge


High Purity Oxygen and Organics Removal Cartridge           


Phosphate Cartridge

AF-10-3321, AF-20-3322, AF-10-3323, AF-10-3324, AF-10-3326-BB, AF-20-3327-BB, AF-10-3328

CS Carbon-Phosphate

AF-10-3302, AF-10-3305, AF-20-3310, AF-20-3312, AF-10-3311-BB, AF-10-3312-BB, AF-20-3312-BB, AF-20-3314-BB

Organics Removal Cartridge

AF-10-3621, AF-20-3621, AF-10-3621-BB, AF-20-3621-BB

Uranium Removal Cartridge

AF-10-3207, AF-10-3207-BB, AF-20-3207, AF-20-3207-BB

Anion Hydroxide form Cartridge


DI Twin Bed Cartridge

AF-10-4202, AF-20-4202, AF-10-4202-BB, AF-20-4202-BB, ML-10-4202, VP-17-4202

Nitrate Removal Cartridge

AF-10-3610, AF-20-3610, AF-10-3610-BB, AF-20-3610-BB

Perchlorate Removal Cartridge

AF-10-3611, AF-10-3611-BB, AF-20-3611, AF-20-3611-BB

Chrome Removal Cartridge

AF-10-3670, AF-10-3670-BB, AF-20-3670, AF-20-3670-BB

Oxygen Removal Cartridge

VP-17-3680, VP-17-3680-HN

Fluoride Removal Cartridge

AF-10-3690, AF-20-3690, AF-10-3690-BB, AF-20-3690-BB

DI High Capacity Cartridge

AF-10-4223, AF-20-4223, AF-10-4223-BB, AF-20-4223-BB, VP-17-4203

VP-001 - HPA-010 Sanitization Cartridge

VP-17-001, HPA-010

HPA-017 Phoenix Sanitization Kit


Phoenix Dual Conditioning Pack -5002

PX-xx -5002

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