Spot Free Rinsing


Water spots are caused by residual minerals and salt contained in the water. These salts remain after the water dries or evaporates. Removing the minerals or “demineralized” water will allow items to dry spot-free. Useful applications include vehicle and window washing, plating and semi-conductor.


Hydra DI Systems

Direct feed staged deionization system for tap feed. 

Hydra Series

Low-cost, turnkey filtration system. Available in two and three bowl configurations.

Vega 30 & 60

Wall mounted deionizers for up to 60 gallons per hour flow rate.  

Vega 120 & 180

Floor mounted deionizers for up to 180 gallons per hour flow rate.

Unix Holder

Single spring loaded holder for VP series cartridge. Max pressure of 30 psi.

Replacement Cartridges

AF Series Deionization Minerals and salts that dissolve in water form ion’s. Deionization is the process of removing these salts from water. Deionized water does not conduct electricity and its purity is measured by resistance to carry an electrical current.
VP Series Cartridges Replacement cartridges for existing Aries equipment and Barnstead*  E-Pure, B-Pure, and older
Nano-Pure systems.

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